Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing refers to the art of caring for an individual as a whole. The practice is based on the beliefs that changes in the mind, body, and spirit and the relationship between them are progressive and affect an individual’s ability to heal and grow. The principal aim of this practice is the enhancement of both wellness and health. Holistic nursing has been of major importance in recent times due to the rising demand for comprehensive care, holistic nursing successfully provides. This paper reviews three articles on holistic nursing in order to provide a clear understanding of this practice, which involves assisting patients to improve their health by paying special attention to their emotions, thoughts, religious views, and relationships with other people.

The article “The Development of a Mind–Body–Spirit Certification Program in Nursing” provides a critical review of the positive impact of holistic nursing on the stress and anxiety management of patients under hospitalization. To understand this concept, the article prescribes a theoretical and practical approach to the concept (Arcari & Flanagan, 2014).

The article “Development of a Quantitative Measure of Holistic Nursing Care” defines the integral role of holistic nursing in the overall nursing practice. In particular, this article analyzes the essence of holistic nursing from the historical and present perspectives, demonstrating an increased demand for the holistic approach to nursing with the contemporary dynamics in nursing care delivery (Kinchen, 2015).

According to the article “A Proactive Innovation for Health Care Transformation,” holistic nursing has become a major concern for healthcare stakeholders, such as health insurance companies and policy makers. It provides the basis for the development of initiatives that would introduce a combination of practices to the healthcare sector. Such practices help to recognize the opportunities within the healthcare sector that would increase the quality of services. In this regard, the article provides a scenario in which holistic nursing improves excellence in the healthcare sector (Erickson, Erickson, Southard, Brekke, Sandor, & Natschke, 2015).

In conclusion, holistic nursing has been identified as the basis for improving the quality of nursing care through the provision of a wide range of opportunities for enhancing care delivery for patients. It allows to pay special attention to all personal needs of patients that are pertinent to enhanced care delivery in the long-run. Therefore, holistic nursing is fundamental to the development of effective care delivery in the health.


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