Three Skilled Nursing Facilities

If my family or neighbors considered choosing a nursing home, I would suggest the one that would adequately provide safety and proper care for its patients. A high-rated skilled nursing facility (SNF) is, thus, the best alternative while recovering from illnesses or medical procedures such as surgery. Before choosing a suitable nursing facility, there are sensitive features one has to consider. Among them are the physical environment, patient safety, staffing, insurance options, expenses, and the quality of care delivered, especially if a patient has a chronic illness or disability (Rodriguez, 2014). There are several nursing facilities around my home area. I reside at 390 Hauser Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 near the grove. Though my residence is situated within a busy urban area, there are some serene SNFs around it. I identified three SNFs on the basis of their inspection results, excellent ratings and positive reviews by people who have already used their services. They include Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital, Country Villa Terrace Nursing Center, and the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills. I chose them because they offer rehabilitative services and efficient nursing care to its patients. In order to determine the services skilled nursing facilities provide, it is crucial to analyze the details of the three SNFs as well as their comparisons and differences regarding their operations and service delivery.

The Selected SNFs

The Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital is a private skilled nursing facility (SNF) based in Los Angeles, California. It has a bed capacity of 121 patients and comprises a team of clinicians, therapists, and medical consultants who provide round-the-clock support to patients. Its mission is to inspire hope that promotes the health and well-being of a patient and to deliver quality care and unparalleled hospitality to its team and clients (, 2017). Among its services, Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital specializes in rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and therapies such as occupational, physical, and speech. Thus, it is evident that this SNF center a good option since it provides both residential and family counseling services.

The Country Villa Terrace Nursing Center is another private SNF that is situated in my home region. It has a 49-bed capacity, and its team of specialists offers 24-hour supportive and rehabilitative services for the elderly (, 2017). Additionally, it is not party to any continuing care group and is outside hospital premises. This facility is considered to be suitable due to the wide range of amenities that it offers. For instance, it provides activities and exercise programs, dietician options, massage sessions, and meal, religious, and room services.

The Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills is a private nursing facility that is also present in the vicinity of my home. Being one of the largest nursing facilities around, it has a capacity of 150 beds. The center offers 24-hour in-home care and independent living services and has amenities such as exercise program, fitness center, and meal services (, 2017). Moreover, it offers customized services for patients with needs beyond assisted living and those recovering from other illnesses. Consequently, this SNF is rather good since its programs can be tailored to suit the needs and abilities of the patients.

Similarities and Differences between the Selected SNFs

The SNFs exhibit some similarities and differences in their service delivery. They share a common aspect in the provision of private rehabilitation services. They also provide a platform to take care of patients who are in post-surgical recovery and those who are recuperating from other illnesses. Additionally, the staff-patient ratios in regard to the three SNFs are compliant with the recommendations and regulations of the state’s health requirements. However, according to (2017), Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital provides patient therapy services which focus on chronic pain management, stroke recovery, coordination and balance, and orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. It also offers comprehensive clinical care ranging from IV therapy, wound care, cardiac fitness, and stroke rehabilitation. Talking about Country Villa, it provides medical services that address cancer, respiratory illnesses, dementia, renal infections, Alzheimer’s disease, and audiology problems. On the other hand, the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills delivers nursing services that focus on stabilizing patients with medically complex conditions (, 2017). Moreover, it extends its services to offer various nursing care aspects such as wound care, IV and respiratory therapies, and diagnostic specialties.

Both Alcott and Country Villa accept Medicare and Medicaid programs that are joint federal and state programs facilitating insurance schemes for individuals who need financial aid when accessing health care. They ease the expenses incurred while accessing medical care for the needy in the society, particularly the elderly. However, the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills does not accept such programs in its service delivery.


SNFs are important in facilitating the recovery of patients and providing some medical therapies which are instrumental in improving their health. Three examples of excellent SNFs, namely Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital, Country Villa Terrace Nursing Center, and the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills, have been discussed in detail. An overview of the similarities and differences in the delivery of the services by the three facilities has been provided. This analysis gives an insight that is significant in choosing a good nursing home.


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